List of people who had wisdom tooth removal

The following is a list of people, mostly famous and American, who had wisdom tooth removal, with the year of the removal listed, a note if they removed less than four wisdom teeth or had them removed on several different occasions, a description of who they are if they are less known, a link proving the removal and a note if they seemed to suffer any problems from it.

The list is in the order that I found them in.

Note that a probably higher than average proportion of them complain of mental health issues, acted eccentrically and so on following the removal.

People who had wisdom teeth removal:

Britney Spears (1999)
Acted odd and was committed to mental ward

Scarlett Johansson (2007) (Website In French)
Gave a wisdom tooth coated in gold to boyfriend Ryan Reynolds

Zendaya (2019) (Website In French)

Miley Cyrus (2015) (Website In French)
Acts eccentrically and wildly.

Tom Holland (2017 and 2018) (2017) (2018)
Said social media hurts his mental health.

Conan O'Brien (1997 and 2016) (Probably 2 wisdom teeth) (1997) (A single wisdom tooth) (2016) Uses antidepressants.

Rafael Nadal (2012)

Pete Davidson (2018)
Says he has mental health problems

Taylor Swift (2008)
Eating disorder.

Lindsay Lohan (2010)
Wild behavior and drinking

Mischa Barton (2009)
Committed to mental ward

Karen Kieve (1992)
Died in accident

Matthew Perry (~1995-1997) (Single wisdom tooth)
Drug and alcohol addiction

Paris Hilton (2013)

Justin Bieber (2015)
Said he was struggling with mental health

Florence Henderson (1956)

Charlie Sheen (pre 2014) (Source suggests perhaps had wisdom teeth removal)
Drugs, violence etc.

Edward VIII (1940)
British supporter of nazism.

Napoleon (1817)
Died several years after removal, at the age of 51.

John Lennon (1964-1968)
Became a hippie, grew a beard, made weird music and broke up the beatles.

Cara Delevingne (2021)

Tig Notaro (~1997)
Says she suffers from chronic pains.

Mickey Rourke (1988-1989)
Considered wild and eccentric

Kevin James (pre 2015)

Gwyneth Paltrow (1996)
Gave up acting.

Nina Dobrev (2011)

Simon Biles (2017)
Avoided competing in Tokyo 2020 because of concerns about her mental health

Bea Miller (pre 2020)
(singer, X-Factor) (Source suggestive of her having had her wisdom teeth removed)

Jana Pittman (2007) (Australian athlete)

Billy Joel (1974)
(Depression and attempted suicide before removal too) Depression and drug use

Kate Beckinsale (~1997)

Dana Plato (1999)
(Died shortly after wisdom tooth removal)

Jean Harlow (1937)
(Died shortly after wisdom tooth removal)

Dua Lipa (2018)
Fell on stage twice in one week

John Goodman (1993)!_A_Dinosaur%27s_Story_(film)#Production
Alcohol addiction

Philip K Dick (1974)
Suffered hallucinations after

Don Newman's son (1992) (son of journalist and animator) (Website in French)
Died from wisdom tooth removal

Jeon Jung-kook (Jungkook) (2018) (BTS member)

Kim Tae-hyung (aka V) (pre 2020) (BTS member)

Min Yoon-gi (Suga or Agust) (pre 2020) (BTS member)

Meghan Trainor (2019)

Ariana Grande (2015 one wisdom tooth, 2016 three remaining wisdom teeth)
Perhaps after wisdom tooth removal, licked store doughnuts and said she hates America. Suffers from severe anxiety.

Zach Woods (2017)

Novak Djokovic (2007) (two wisdom teeth)

Kaia Gerber (2020)

Julianna Hough (2016) (Dancer on Dancing With the Stars, actress)

Robert Irwin (2020) (son of Steve Irwin, Australian animal specialist)

Lily Allen (2011) (UK singer)

Emile Hirsch (2011)

Jake Owen (2012) (US country singer)

Brad Pitt (2021)

David Dobrik (2019) (Youtuber and TV personality)

Iggy Azalea (2019) (Australian rapper) (Single wisdom tooth)

Anthony Kiedis (1994) (Red Hot Chilly Peppers singer) (Link woulnd't work in website editor, please enter email manually)
Drug use perhaps after the removal.

Leonard Cohen (1959) (Single wisdom tooth)

Natalie Portman (1999)
Said in a Harvard commencement address that she had emotional distress in univeristy, which was right after her wisdom teeth removal

Sylvia Plath (1950) (two left ones and about a week later the two others)
Committed suicide

Johnny Cash (1990) (a single wisdom tooth) (paywall content. Full article adds little information)
Disability and death in the years following removal.

Madonna (pre 2018, probably very early)
Acts eccentrically.

Jacinda Ardern (2019) (A single wisdom tooth) Resigned from her position as prime minister due to mental fatigue.

Patrick Schwarzenegger (2020)

Tim Burton (Circa 1980, while working at Disney)
Walked after the removal of his wisdom teeth with them in his hand and bleeding from his mouth showing them to people where he worked.

Billie Eilish (2019)

Simon Armitage (pre 1997) (Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom)

Rita Ora (pre 2015) (English singer)

Brooke Mueller (Circa 2010) (Single wisdom tooth)
Mental health problems and drug use

Lady Gaga (2014)
Considered eccentric

Kelly Osbourne (2006) (Two wisdom teeth)
Alcohol addictions (perhaps started before 2006) and nervous breakdown.

John Major (1990) (Prime minister of the UK from 1990 to 1997) (A single wisdom tooth)
Retired from politics in 2001.

Snoop Dog (pre 2002)
Smokes a lot of marijuana.

50 cent (2000) (A single wisdom tooth, removed after bullet injury)
Has speech problem, supposedly because of a bullet embedded in his tongue.

Cher (Pre 2018)

Trotsky (1912) (A single wisdom tooth)

Micheal Phelps (1998-2003)
Mental health problems

Jane Lynch (Circa 1980)

Micheal Jackson
Considered eccentric and was taking drugs to sleep

George Eliot
Renounced Catholicism and had an affair with a married man

Judith Krantz (1954) (Author)

Paul Auster (A single wisdom tooth)

Questlove (Last week of 2016)

Princess Diana (1989)
Mental health problems

Eli Roth (2011) (Director of Hostel)

Micheal Stipe (2008) (Single wisdom tooth)
Broke up REM in 2011, after 31 years. Grew a large beard.

Daisy Ridley (2018, perhaps earlier)
Claims social media hurts her mental health.

Seth MacFarlane (2019) (A single wisdom tooth)

Linda Evangelista
Claims she has been deformed by cosmetic surgery

Dave Grohl (pre 2001) (A single wisdom tooth)
Fell offstage and broke his leg

Susan Sarandon (Perhaps two occasions, around the end of 2019)

Romy Schneider (German-French actress) (Last week of 1975) (A single wisdom tooth)
Had a miscarriage a week after wisdom tooth removal

Queen Elizabeth II (1982) (A single wisdom tooth)

Susanna Kaysen (1967-1968) (A single wisdom tooth) (Author of memoir Girl, Interrupted)

Chloe Grace Moretz (End of 2021) (A single wisdom tooth removed)

Ashleigh Barty (Before January 2019)
Retired at 25 from tennis, as top ranked player, saying she lost the drive to compete

George W. Bush (Before 1973 if indeed removed) (Perhaps born without and perhaps removed)
Alcohol abuse

Iggy Azalea (2014)

Jenna Ortega (2019)

As well a short list of people who never had wisdom teeth removal:

Neil Patrick Harris

Billy Crystal

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